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Enhancing Inter-Connectedness to Reduce Energy Prices in Balkan Countries - 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 vote

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The prices of energy resources in all Balkan countries may drop if the national grids are connected, according to Damian Gjiknuri, President in Office of the Energy Community.

Gjiknuri said in an interview for the Bulgarian National Radio that ensuring greater connectedness between the national grids so as to improve gas and electricity deliveries required more investment in energy infrastructure.“When there are opportunities for deliveries and connectedness between the grids, there will always be an availability of resources on the market. This availability of resources on the market will ensure the reduction of prices. For instance, my country has many hydroelectric power plants, Bulgaria has a nuclear power plant, and Serbia has lignite coal. Good infrastructure may allow the countries to coordinate their production with the needs,” he stated.