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At your disposal since 1996

At your disposal since 1996

At your disposal since 1996



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SAVA Management provides assistance for opening of personal and corporate bank accounts in a number of banks, located in Europe, Asia, the Carribean and others.

Depending on each client`s case, our proffessional team will assist you with making the best choice of a bank.


Operating Bank Account – Bank Accounts which are primarily used for day to day financial transactions such as International inward and outward transfers, letter of credit and other instruments.

Saving & Investment Account - Bank Accounts which are primarily used for accumulating funds and investments financial assets through investment market instruments. 


Bank account in Bulgaria - SAVA Management can assist you with opening bank account for your company in well reputable Bulgarian banks. Application could be done without personal visit of client! Applicant companies could be both offshore and onshore registered companies!  For more information, please contact us. 


When a company is incorporated in the same country, where its owners and directors reside, opening of a bank account for it is just a question of a choice between a number of local banks, which even often compete to attract valued business to become their clients. Completely different is the situation with opening of a bank account, when company`s owners/directors reside in one country and the company is incorporated in another one, especially if the second one is offshore jurisdiction.


There are limited number of banks working with companies, incorporated in offshore jurisdictions. Each of them are very careful when opening an account for a new and unknown for them business client. Banks have different requirements, but all of them have the main one in common - they all got to know their customer`s business and personal characteristics of the individuals involved.


High level carefulness of bankers is very understandable, since they have a limited ways to check out the client and his business reputability, on a stage of application.



Banks are a bit more insured when accept applications through professional intermediaries. Those intermediaries usually work in the same country, where a client or his business is located and can easily meet the client and present their business in front of the bank after that. SAVA Management and our worldwide partners have intermediary relationships with a number of banks including branches of leading international banks. Our introduction service is possible only for the clients whose business and reputability are doubtless for us.

For more information and details, please contact us.


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