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A so-called “Offshore” Company is merely a company that has been incorporated in a country, which is a tax efficient jurisdiction, other than one’s place of residence, citizenship or domicile. Everyone may have their own reason for going offshore. Tax planning, business privacy and asset protection are only a few of them.

We have categorized offshore companies by their purposes to simplify your decision-making process.

International Business Company - commonly used as a company mediator between a seller and a buyer of goods or services when goods or services originate from one country are to be sold in another one. With other words it is a regular trading or service company with the difference that it is incorporated in a tax efficient jurisdiction. Recommended Jurisdictions are: Belize, British Virgin Islands (BVI), Bulgaria, Gibraltar, Hong Kong, Panama, Seychelles, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom (LLP)


International Holding Company - a company which is holding shares or stocks in other companies incorporated in another country or countries. Common purposes are control over foreign company, business privacy, international investments, accumulation and reinvestment of funds originated from different businesses and etc. Recommended Jurisdictions are: United Kingdom (Ltd), United States (Corporation), United States (LLC)

EU Low Tax Company - a regular European Union company registered by VAT with the difference that it is incorporated in a European Union member state with efficient tax policy. Recommended Jurisdictions are: Bulgaria, Cyprus, Malta

Financial Services Company - a company incorporated in a tax efficient and administratively friendly jurisdiction with the sole purpose of providing licensed financial services. Recommended Jurisdictions are: Belize – FOREX Licensed Company

Asset & Wealth Protection - a tax efficient legal structure organized in a tax efficient jurisdiction with the only purpose of protection an individual or family assets. Recommended Jurisdictions are: Panama – Private Foundation, Seychelles – Private Foundation 


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